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Welcome to Fusion4.net

This is Bill Thomasson's web site.  The name Fusion4 came from a national level skydiving team that Bill and Dee were on in 1999.  Once I picked up the domain and hosted the teams web site, the e-mail address was my primary one, so I kept the domain.

 I am an avid skydiver and aviation enthusiast in my spare time, and a Software Engineer during the day. DiamondQuest 1994 - World Record

Fusion4 1999-2000

Nemesis 2001 - Bronse Medal US National Parachuting Championships

Nexus 2002

Demo Jumper : 4400+ jumps over 15 years, Pro rated.
Parachute Rigger : FAA Senior Rigger since 1994.
Skydiving Instruction : USPA AFF Instructor since 1995.
Pilot : Private 1998, IFR 1999
RV-10 Builder :http://rv10.fusion4.net

Software Engineer : 20 years experience in C, C++, C#, Delphi and Java.


Bill @ Fusion4.net